Upcoming events

CyberTech Global, Tel Aviv // January 30 - February 01, 2023

Following the great success of the 2023 event, Cybertech is proud to present Cybertech Global Tel Aviv 2024. Featuring a large-scale exhibition and a cutting-edge conference, Cybertech Global will bring together hundreds of companies, startups, government entities and organizations. It is the place to enhance existing business opportunities and create new ones with a wide range of sectors, including government, industry, and academia. Together with our partners in the region, Cybertech looks forward to setting new standards of global innovation.

CyberTech Europe, Rome // October 03-04, 2023

Cybertech Europe invites you to join thousands of influential representatives from across the continent and the globe on the Cybertech Europe stage in Rome. As Europe becomes more digitized, cyber is a crucial part of expanding infrastructure, improving access and efficiency, developing skills, and spreading digital culture.

The event offers vast opportunities to meet and connect with company executives, government officials, startups, investors, leading academics and professionals across a wide range of sectors in the global cyber landscape.