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CyberTech CybertechLive // 07 April, 2020

Cybertech is Proud to Present CybertechLive.
Cybertech's newest business generation platform for the industry and global cyber ecosystem!

Digital Edition of Cybertech Global: Cyber in a Time of Crisis

CyberTech Networking event in Boston // 09 June, 2020

This special event main theme will be:

"Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector: Threats, Solutions and Forecasts"

CyberTech Networking Event in Toronto // 10 June, 2020

This special event will be a showcase of Israeli cyber leaders and innovative technologies. 

Topics will cover the "secret" of Israeli cyber prowess and highlight leading solutions in the cyber game. 

CyberTech Midwest, Indianapolis // 14-15 July, 2020

Cybertech Midwest is one of the largest cyber events in the midwest region of the United States. Together with the State of Indiana, the event highlights an exhibition and conference featuring all the latest solutions, innovations, and cutting-edge content from the world of cyber across a wide range of sectors. Top executives, government officials, leading decision-makers and the like from across the region come together for this unique opportunity to learn, connect, network, and make business happen at the forefront of innovation.


CyberTech Latin America, Panama // 11-12 August, 2020

The Cybertech event for Latin America is back! Join us in August 2020 for the 4th Annual Cybertech Latin America in Panama. Year after year, the Cybertech Latin America brings together thousands of guests from all over the region, for a one day event focused on cybersecurity solutions, innovation, startups, and finance. The event will feature a special startup showcase with the most innovative companies leading Panama and the region. 

CyberTech Europe, Rome // 23-24 September, 2020

Cybertech Europe invites you to join thousands of influential representatives from across Europe, Italy, and the globe—on the Cybertech Europe stage in Rome. The event offers vast opportunities to meet and connect with company executives, government officials, startups, investors, leading academics and professionals across a wide range of sectors that are the movers-and-shakers in the global cyber landscape. 

CyberTech NYC // 21 October, 2020

New York City has set out to become one of the world’s leading cybersecurity hubs. 
With new initiatives to create 10,000 local jobs over the next decade, over $100 million in investments, and a city hungry for cybersecurity innovation, the potential is vast. 

As a leading B2B platform, connecting the global cyber ecosystem, we are excited to announce Cybertech NYC 2020

The one-day conference will bring together the biggest players of the New York City cyber ecosystem. Participate in keynotes, breakout sessions and panel discussion that will cover topics like cyber in the banking and financial sector, retail, transportation, maritime, venture capital, workforce development and more.

CyberTech Africa // 22-24 November, 2020

The Cybertech Africa will serve a meeting place for local and international decision-makers for everything cybersecurity and innovation! The event offers a platform to learn about, discuss, and analyze the challenges, solutions and technological developments that are at the forefront of global innovation and cybersecurity. Topics will include fintech, privacy, IoT, critical infrastructure, cyber awareness, and much more! Combining the local ecosystem with international expertise, speakers include high ranking government officials and industry executives alike. 


CyberTech Global, Tel Aviv // 26-28 January, 2021

Recognized as Cybertech’s most renowned international exhibition and conference, Cybertech Tel Aviv is one of the LARGEST B2B networking events in the cyber industry, outside of the United States. Every year, the event attracts thousands of attendees, mainly C-level executives, investors, professionals, and government officials from all over the world. It provides an outstanding platform to make business happen—a place for investors to find the next breakthrough, and for companies looking to implement new technologies.